Bradford West: In Depth Post Election Review Please

If any result demonstrates the changing demographic of the United Kingdom this is it. We need to understand, urgently, how it is possible that in this part of our country we were only able to achieve 3.31% of the vote. This after the EU’s monumental economic mismanagement of the Eurozone crises; piling on our heads 200,000 EU laws while dismantling our own legal system; taking £50,000,000 desperately needed UK pounds a day from us to fund a system larded with systemic corruption and fraud; played out against a backdrop of riots and civil unrest in Greece, Spain and Italy.

How is this possible?

Our leadership need to get their thinking caps on. A cool and constructive analysis please ladies and gentlemen.

Bradford West by-election vote counts below

Electorate: 62519

  • George Galloway (Respect) 18,341 (55.89%, +52.83%)
  • Imran Hussain (Lab) 8,201 (24.99%, -20.36%)
  • Jackie Whiteley (Con) 2,746 (8.37%, -22.78%)
  • Jeanette Sunderland (LibDem) 1,505 (4.59%, -7.08%)
  • Sonja McNally (UKIP) 1,085 (3.31%, +1.31%)
  • Dawud Islam (Green) 481 (1.47%, -0.85%)
  • Neil Craig (D Nats) 344 (1.05%)
  • Howling Laud Hope (Loony) 111 (0.34%)


Notes and References

Previous Results

Electorate: 62519

  • Marsha Singh Labour 18401
  • Zahid Iqbal Conservative 12638
  • David Hall-Matthews Liberal Democrat 4732
  • Jenny Sampson BNP 1370
  • Arshad Ali Respect 1245
  • David Ford Green 940
  • Jason Smith UKIP 812
  • Neil Craig D Nat 438

2 comments on “Bradford West: In Depth Post Election Review Please

  1. kevin lovett on said:

    This result is not about how ordinary Britons vote it is about the cheap labour party and how they are reaping what they have sowed , mass immigation for a few votes was a short term mistake

    Only our vote & respect went up. How fractured is the nation, big problems are coming maybe we should be more robust with the solutions

  2. kevin lovett on said:

    We cannot campaign on independce from the EU in these places as we are the enemy
    Some of the people in this place have no loyalty to the UK let alone the EU , who said turkeys won’t vote for XMas

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