Here Come The Clowns! The Scaremongering Has Started

Nick Clegg Danny_alexander
Nick Clegg
Delusional Liberal Democrat
Running Scared
Danny Alexander
Delusional Liberal Democrat
Running Scared

The country’s most senior Liberal Democrats warn that a strong performance by Eurosceptic Ukip in next year’s European election will harm the UK’s economic recovery.

Peter Dominiczak, Telegraph Assistant Political Editor

Read Full Article: Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander warn that voting Ukip will derail economic recovery

Spain bloodied girl

Syria: “Britain Should Honour The 1951 Declaration On Refugee Status”

Nigel Farage MEPDear Supporter,

In an interview with the BBC on the weekend, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said that Britain should honour the 1951 declaration on refugee status and permit those fleeing the civil war in Syria to come to the UK.

He is the only senior political leader in the UK to publicly advocate this compassionate policy.

Following the interview, The Daily Telegraph, not normally known for its support of UKIP, today addressed the issue coming out in full support of Mr Farage and clearly stating why.

You can read the article here: “Advantage Farage in the immigration debate”

It should be compulsory reading for every UKIP member and supporter and we urge you to share the link so that others may learn for themselves why we are advocating this move.

Also, Nigel will be on BBC Radio 2′s Jeremy Vine Show at noon today (Monday) discussing the issue. Tune in, if you can.

Thank you for your continued support.

The UKIP Campaign Team

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Press Matters Newsround

Holly SprigPress Matters, Caroline Stephens

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UKIP Daily Newsround

UKIP Daily - News and Views

Countdown to Empty Shelves

There is now a gamut of regulatory measures being imposed by the UK government – most of it as a result of instructions from Brussels – making it increasingly difficult to get many natural products.  Herbs like Boswellia (Indian Frankincense), Harpagophytum (Devil’s Claw) and the all important sunshine vitamin D, and minerals like magnesium and zinc.

According to the …

Read more.

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Know Your Enemy: Clegg Gathers The UK’s Dwindling Band of EU-phile Sycophants For Media War

Cameron Gagged

Bring it on Clegg
UKIP are going to beat you
The great British public know what you are up to
And all we have to do is tell the truth

Well it’s almost a relief to see one of the EU’s leading agents in the UK starting manoeuvres ahead of what will surely become one of the most bitterly fought battles for Britain’s future any of us will have ever seen.

The immigration invasion is under way, millions and millions of foreign voters have been dumped on the UK’s democratic and social system. The forces for a free Britain could not get their message out in time to stop it completely. Weighed down by a silent media who would not report on the treachery of successive UK governments since Heath’s time.

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Open Europe’s EU war games show that Cameron risks defeat in Europe unless he ups his game;

Please Note the views expressed by Open Europe do not necessarily reflect those of UKIP

Open Europe: Daily Press Summary 19 December 2013

New Open Europe briefing: Open Europe’s EU war games show that Cameron risks defeat in Europe unless he ups his game;

Mats Persson: Jumping from headline to headline is a sure way to end up pleasing no one
Open Europe has today published a new briefing containing a comprehensive analysis of the first session – the reform and renegotiation scenario – from last week’s simulated UK-EU negotiations. The exercise showed that sweeping EU reform is fully possible. However, bringing the simulation back to reality, Open Europe concludes that David Cameron has fallen behind the curve in Europe, currently suffering from poorly joined up initiatives and short-term thinking. The briefing sets out ten specific lessons that David Cameron can learn when negotiating a new deal with the EU. The Times trails the briefing, noting that Open Europe drew the conclusion “after extensive conversations with Whitehall figures, European partners and conducting a real-time ‘war game’.”

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Chelmsford MP Simon Burns Replies to European Arrest Warrant Question

Chelmsford MP Simon Burns

Chelmsford MP Simon Burns

Chelmsford UKIP member John Theedom wrote to his MP after reading the article “THIS IS IMMINENT: EU CRIMINAL JUSTICE IS THREATENING OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES, posted on December 17th, 2013. The article was written by Torquil Erikson. The article shows how the EU is encroaching and undermining our system of justice, John Theedom wanted to know what Simon Burns was doing about it.

Original question and response below, response first…

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Roger Helmer: You don’t save the planet by screwing up the energy market

UKIP Daily - News and Views

When I launched UKIP’s Energy Policy in 2012 with the claim that we faced blackouts by 2020, I had a nagging concern that perhaps I was being too alarmist. But I’m sorry to say that with hindsight, I clearly wasn’t being alarmist enough.

We now have Captains of Industry coming forward to warn of blackouts not in 2020, but in the next couple of years. First there was Paul Massara, CEO of N-Power, saying “he did not know if the UK would get through next winter“. He was followed by Keith Anderson, Chief Corporate Officer of Scottish Power, saying similar things, and especially concerned that the government’s carbon tax will force coal-fired power stations to close before replacement capacity is on-stream. He also notes, rightly, that coal is just about the cheapest source of electricity. Forcing coal-fired power plants to close is a recipe for higher prices.

Read full article on UKIP Daily: HERE

Merry Christmas To All Members and Supporters From UKIP Central Essex

Jesse Pryke Designated Central Essex Branch Santa

Jesse Pryke Designated Central Essex Branch Santa

By Jesse Pryke, Chairman UKIP Central Essex

Dear Members and supporters,

Sorry we wern’t able to get a newsletter out for December but we are trying to get a newspaper out and I will have more on this in the not too distant future. We have several ideas in the offiing and will let you know how we get on with them.

Our Next meeting will be in Maldon on Monday 13th of January 2014 at The Blue Boar Hotel, Silver Street at the top of the Maldon High St. You can check this website for updates.

Our Central Essex Committee has not changed too much, with the acceptance of Peter Carter as our communications officer. So if you want to receive news of your branch please let us have your email and you will be sure to receive our updates.

I will try to let those who do not have emails have branch information, but as the price of stamps goes up so does the cost of sending our newsletter by snail mail.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year and come back fit to help leaflet.

Jesse Pryke

Holly Sprig

Mr Cable The Conservatives Are Panicking Because Ordinary Brits Have Realised What Labour, Conservatives, You and Your Fellow Liberal EU-philes Are Up To

Spain bloodied girl

And in UKIP they have found a voice to resist you, the Labour party, and panicking Conservatives - and the elite political class

The first priority of every government is the nations security and defence, therefore if you are an enemy of the state you would try to undermine our countries defences and by that I mean not just its military ability to defend itself but also to undermine and render useless its system of laws and governance which protect it from forces which seek to enslave us and do us harm.

You have failed.

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Confirmation That Conservative Debating Standards Have Diminished Somewhat – Well a Lot Actually

Conservative front bencher MP Anna Soubry apologised unreservedly for the following immortal words

“Nigel Farage looks like he enjoys a finger up his bottom”

When Conservative coalition ministers resort to personal attacks in the place of rational political argument and analysis, and do so in a public forum, one cannot but wonder at the potential for irrational personality driven mayhem and false policy within the government itself.

Having someone like this on the front bench – happily spouting thoughtless drivel – speaks volumes about Cameron’s judgement and the Conservative’s fitness for Government.

Express Article: ‘Nigel Farage looks like he enjoys a finger up his bottom’ Tory Minister in bizarre rant

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UKIP Press Matters – EU Referendum – Energy Policy – LibDem Defection

Roger Helmer UKIP EnergyNewsfeed submitted by Caroline Stephens

Roger Helmer responds to correspondent on UKIP Nuclear Energy Policy

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British taxpayers will have to part fund remedial action on Mediterranean fish stock depletion

In a Fishing Committee meeting in the European Parliament (16.12.13), Stuart Agnew MEP gives his views on the bleak fish stocks situation in the Mediterranean and on funding for the remedial work required. Watch out for the Chairman of the Committee at the end, who responds to Stuart’s suggestion that British taxpayers will have to part fund efforts to address the situation, even though Britain does not fish in Mediterranean waters.

Stuart’s interventions can be viewed via the link below:

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